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Concerts for all seasons!

What We do...
  • Enchanted evenings (or afternoons… or mornings) of music and song!

  • Performed by highly acclaimed Broadway, TV, Western, Opera, Cabaret Stars and Theatre Artists

  • American, International and Celtic Songbook

  • Well-known and hidden gems

  • Celebrates Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Rodgers and Hart, Jerome Kern, Stephen Sondheim, Jule Styne, Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, Glenn Miller and Others

  • 60 and 90 minutes (no Intermission) and 120 minutes (with Intermission)

  • Dedicated Musical Director(s) and Sound Engineer/Consultant

About BCD...

Broadway Concerts Direct was started in 2003 by Sarah Rice as a way for seasoned performers with International, Broadway, and National credits, but also including the promising talent of tomorrow, to have a professional level platform to sing the music they love and a safe place to stretch, develop and grow as artists. 

Concerts for All Seasons

Basic Requirements:

Broadway Concerts Direct prides itself on ensuring excellent Performances for our audiences and for growing and maintaining excellent relationships with Host Venues. The following list of requirements is “Ideal World” for best quality Programs. Our team is also available to partner and consult with Host Venues to access the necessary basics for great quality Performances.

  • Excellent Sound - board, monitors, mics (standing, wireless and boom)

  • Great Lights – general, special, pin and follow

  • Sound and Lights Director/Crew

  • Stage Manager

  • Acoustic Concert or Baby Grand Piano (tuned-in-place within 24-48 hours) or high quality electric keyboard (e.g. Yamaha) 88 weighted keys, music light, seat

  • Promotion and Marketing

  • Ticket sales management

  • A Dressing Room

  • Backstage Bathroom

  • Drinking water available backstage

  • Performance Space, Tech Crew and Piano available for full day rehearsal

How We Do It...
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